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Anyone want my record collection?

I am selling all of my vinyl records that I used to DJ with. They are all playable, but since i schlepped them around to skanky clubs for three years, some might be scratched/etc. I'll throw in some record cleaner. You have to take all of them because i need them gone, now! 60's-90s with heavy emphasis on 80s/new wave. A few contemporary indie/dance records thrown in. $150 or best offer, and you have to come get them. Comment if interested! Full post w/ pics here:

I am also selling all my DJ equipment: turntables, mixer, CD-J and DJ bag. See post here:

About 150-175
Includes (and a lot more of the same vein):
Diana Ross
Van Halen
Village People
Tina Turner
Lots of soundtracks: Miami Vice, Flashdance,Saturday Night Fever etc.
Joan Jett
Pretty Poison (I have a decent amount of freestyle, Cover Girls, etc.)
Dolly Parton
Pet Shop Boys
Simon & Garfunkel
The Police
David Lee Roth
Michael Jackson
Billy Idol
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
Men at Work
Donna Summer
George Michael
Stacey Q
Bruce Springsteen
Bow Wow Wow
Adam Ant
Mister Mister
Culture Club
Depeche Mode
Samantha Fox
Bob Dylan
Paula Abdul
Billy Joel
Joe Jackson

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Don't get rid of your records! What is WRONG with you?

I'd snatch these up in a minute, but I'm straight up broke.

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I have no room, I've moved five times in the last three years, and they are heavy. And I'm selling my turntables b/c I have no money. I need money more than I need 150 dusty records I don't listen to.

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I was going to say, "WHOA! WHAT???", but since you answered Josh's question, I guess I understand, but it's crazy to me!

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It's going to be awesome!

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So be it

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I like you because of your icon!

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Psstpsst, thanks to Rick for namedropping usernames in his entries - I met you guys at Nurse Betty's the other week and didn't realize you were on lj. Am adding you, definitely add back if you're inclined, my entries are all sorts of summerish laziness these days.

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Well, an old post so I presume you sold the records but I wonder where I can find a turntable that's playable without too much equipment required. I've lost some connecting wires to my old turntable and nobody stocks anything like that anymore that I can find.